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Please bear with us as we move in a new uniforming direction.
NFS- Nike Flash Store  BTS- Bashors Team Store 
Nike Flash Store Here!
Bashors Team Store up and running. 
LHS will provide:
Uniform top
Required for players:
Red hooded sweat coat (NFS)
Helmet (BTS)
Belt (BTS)(NFS)
Red Cleats  
Optional for players:
Red Zip Jacket  (NFS) (Varsity players will be issued one to be returned)
Fleece crew warm up (BTS)
Red Beanie (BTS)
Red Under Sleeves (NFS) 
Optional for fans/coaches/all:
Hooded Coat (BTS)
Red Zip Jacket (NFS)
Red and Black Beanie (BTS)
Red and Black Hooded sweat coat (NFS) (BTS)
Decals (BTS) 
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Note* There may be a shipping fee with purchases being sent directly to customer. 
Lincoln Baseball Store